Why Gold Spot

Recognition Of Professional Presence

Gold Spot is the most trusted and, recognized dealer, if you want to sell gold for cash. To avoid the duperies, strict rules are employed in the transactions, where the seller should be over 21 years of old and, must bring a photo, ID proof, and address proof to carry out the transactions. The professionally trained and, well-experienced staff in our gold business. Makes sure that the transactions are happening, according to the ethics and, law of business.

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Highlights of Gold Spot

Unparalleled among other gold buyers

Gold Spot, is the pioneers of cash for gold industry, having an experience of more than 50 years, in the market. We provide the most beneficial cash in exchange for gold, silver, diamond materials, to our customers, by keeping the exact value of the materials.

Purity test of gold in the Gold Spot is done, with the worldwide accepted and, certified technology of KARATMETER testing. It is taken in front of the customers’ eyes and, is the transparent way of getting purity test done. The authentic way by using KARATMETER testing, instead of acid test provides the exact value of your item, in karat and amp. By employing the technology, which is owned only, by the renowned jewelers nationally and, internationally, like; Tanishq, Kalyan jewelers, Reliance, etc. And the fair transactions help us to grow to the position of a renowned brand.

The following features distinguish us, from the numerous other buyers, in the industry-

  • Customer can get instant cash, cheque, NEFT, RTGS in exchange for their gold materials.
  • Customer can check the purity of their items, using KARATMETER machine for free.
  • 100% customer-oriented transactions and, services.
  • Well-trained professional staff, to focus on customer satisfaction.
  • No wastage deduction and, provide transparent services

Why Choose Gold Spot ?

In the concept of cash against gold in India, the Gold Spot is the most trusted company to sell gold for cash. We quickly gained public trust and recognition in the industry from the execution of professional true business. Serving customers is our passion. The policies of the Gold Spot as a renowned jewelry buyer always make sure that all the customers are equally treated and provided with the best and fair value for their gold, silver, diamond and other metallic assets. The professionalism followed by Gold Spot gives you the ultimate peace of mind and acts as a reason to smile.

We offer a standard and technology-based purity testing process to value the assets of the customers for free. Gold Spot thus gives the most accurate value to its customers and also makes them aware of the value of their assets so that they can use the knowledge in the market for other transactions. If you are in need to sell your gold and silver valuables, our certified experts are all there to help you. Our business is not confined to gold and silver, but also includes diamonds which are seldom bought by any other companies in the market. In the current scenario, where gold loan companies are giving minimal value for the assets and even charges a huge interest, Gold Spot offers the highest value according to the market rate for your gold and silver assets.

We are inviting for better cash for gold option. We address all our customers with respect and the forwardness to establish a long term and mutually beneficial relationship. The experts of the Gold Spot are ruling the market for decades and have acquired the best of the best position in the industry. Our business is covered with honesty and transparency and works for the convenience of the public.

Exclusive By Gold Spot

  • Best and beneficial value for the exchanged assets
  • High-quality services across all outlets
  • Focussed customer services
  • 100% confidentiality
  • The assistance of technology like CCTV and voice recorder in the transactions to monitor the transactions
  • Conducts post sales survey and feedback check to concern the public opinion.
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