What is KaratMeter

Purity Testing With Karatmeter

From the very early times, gold maintains its unique value. It has been regarded as an asset, and now it is used as a great value for money and a very reliable investment. People are choosing to go for cash for gold nowadays. For this process, great care is required in the proper evaluation of the gold as you can be easily deceived by the market. Before exchanging gold in any form, the purity test should be done with greater accuracy and precision. The task turns out to be very sensitive and in order to avoid any human errors, a purity testing machine called Karatmeter is used.

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What is Karatmeter ?

First introduced by TATA, the gold purity testing machine, Karatmeter normally works on the use of X-ray. The method is more accurate, precise and non-destructive and can also test the purity of other metals like platinum, silver, and others. The Hallmark gold that is available in the market now is acquired after the testing of ornaments through Karatmeter. In the gold transactions of buying and selling, the quality of gold has to be tested to perfection. Being a leading gold buyer, Gold Spot takes special care in the testing and valuation of the purity of gold and makes use of Karatmeter for the process.

How Karatmeter Works ?

The method uses X-ray technology to test the purity of gold. First, the sample is tested without any loss using the X-ray in the machine which is followed by the display of output purity in both karats and %. The method is quite expensive and is used nowadays to measure the quality of the gold with perfect accuracy.

Advantages Of Karatmeter

  • For the gold testing, it is a non-contact and non-destructive method and hence is widely appreciated.
  • The results are obtained instantly and precisely.
  • The purity of the sample is provided both in karats and %.
  • Results will be the same everywhere as it is independent of individual test centers.

Purity Testing At Gold Spot

Earlier, the purity of gold was determined via, an old and unreliable acid testing method, which is not accurate. And also causes loss of gold during the testing process each time. Amidst the demerits, jewelers are using the same method, to check the purity of gold. This comes from, the ugly business mindset to achieve profit, by fooling the customers, as they are not well knowledgeable, about the test and, its outcomes. Thus, normal customers rely on the jewelers, as no other option is available for them.

Gold Spot, who believes in the ethics of business use Karatmeter, for the purity testing, which is only used by other renowned jewelers, like; Tanishq, Kalyan Jewelers, Reliance, etc. As the pioneers of cash for gold industry. With the legacy of more than 50 years. We employ the most transparent way of purity testing, which is done in front of the customers’ eyes. Unlike the competitors, we keep the transaction fair and, transparent and, do not use an acid test. This has actually helped us, to establish ourselves, as a renowned brand in the jewelry buyers’ industry.

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